How much more range will Booster Box add to my Boosted Board?

The Booster Box XL provides 18 miles of total range on Pro Mode for a 200lb rider on a Boosted Board Stealth, V2, or Boosted Plus on a single charge! The range is over 20 miles on expert mode. Without the Booster Box XL, the typical range on a Boosted is only about 7 miles on Pro Mode.    

How will this affect the warranty on my Boosted Board?

We make no permanent modification during the install process thus it should not void your warranty. If you need to send in your board into Boosted we recommend removing the connection and battery prior to sending your board into Boosted. 

How do I charge the Booster Box XL?

The Booster Box XL charges automatically when you plug in your charger into your Boosted Board. No separate charger is needed. 

Do I lose any flex or clearance on my Boosted Board if I install the Booster Box?

The Booster Box XL uses its own proprietary industrial grade 150lb Velcro for attachment thus there is zero loss of flex. No rigid mounting system is used.  There have been no reports of detachment during extreme aggressive riding by customers. The Booster Box measures only 1 1/8 inch in thickness and does not affect clearance even during max down flexing of the board.    

How do I install Booster Box?

Installing the Booster Box only takes 15 minutes and can be done fairly easily. Installation instructions are provided in your order and a video tutorial is also available. You also have the option to ship us your board at your own expense. More installation service info can be found in the Shop section of this website.   

What are the two USB Ports for?

In addition to giving  you and impressive 18 miles on Pro Mode with the extended boosted battery, you can easily charge your cell phone, your Boosted Remote, GoPro, Shred Lights, or any other USB powered device directly off your board. You will never have to worry about being stranded with a dead remote or a dead cell phone ever again because you can quickly stop to charge them with the integrated USB ports.