It started as a relief to my range anxiety

As a rider who pushes my board to the limits, I didn't like having to stop and charge every 4 miles or every 7 miles with the Boosted Extended.  After hundreds of hours of research and testing, the Booster Box and Booster Box XL is the result.  It triples your range in Pro Mode, can charge your cell phone, remote, GoPro, gimbal, Shred Lights via its two usb ports. The Booster Box also packs plenty of power to push bigger wheels for long rides with our custom pulleys for those who commute on rough streets and large distances. 



Founder, CEO

Started street skating as a kid growing up in Chicago and also enjoyed building RC planes and RC cars.  Launched an investment and accounting firm in 2003 after working in high finance for several years. Started E-skating, street skating, and long boarding again after enjoying the freedom of his own DIY E-board. He enjoys his DIY board but loves his Boosted Board now more than ever after creating the Booster Box. He currently rides with the Chicago E-Skate group every week.



Marketing and Customer Support

Hawaii born and raised, loves board sports, especially stand up paddle boarding. Loves long boarding and takes it with her on every vacation.