Joe, Chicago

Absolute must have accessory for any Boosted Board V1 or V2! Customer service is stellar & the construction is top notch. Weight of the Booster Box is low & I can still carry around the board with ease.

Had to plan out a lot of my rides & worry about whether I'd make it to my destination without having to stop & I never worry. 

Additionally, I'm able to explore more of the city & find new riding routes as a result of having significantly higher range.

The box also allows me to tow riders who've run out of battery while still making it to my destination with battery to spare! Could never do that with stock battery range.

Pro Mode Range Test Results of Joshua Betancourt's Booster Box (This was with Version 3, he's now on an even better Version 4 with 2 USB Ports for charging your phone/remote, etc!).

Board: Boosted Board V2 with 97mm Wheels
Weight: 220lbs Fully Loaded (Helmet, Backpack, etc)
Weather: 80 degrees with no head or tailwind

Started With 89% in the Box & 100% in the Board.

End result was 9.04 miles with a top speed of 26mph & an average moving speed of 18.39mph!

Ran it in Pro the entire time.


Highly recommend any BB riders pick this up...especially considering the Official Boosted V2 Extended Battery is now slated to come out December 2017 or January 2018 at the earliest. With official battery & the Booster Box you're gonna see range of 16+ miles in Pro!

Jacob, chicago

This mod is an INSANE game changer when it comes to range! I’m a long time customer, and have an original model (before the batteries came in an enclosure) and they are still working just fine to this day. Joshua does fantastic work and really knows his stuff. Definitely better than waiting for the extended battery! I canceled my order for that about a year and half ago and have not regretted it. I love that you can now charge anything usb off the range extender as well. The box makes it simple to charge and turn on with the led switch. It’s also easier to take off than the extended battery since it uses this crazy strong Velcro. All in all I highly recommend the product because of its simplicity, high quality, and the professionalism of the creator. Nice work Joshua!

sergio, chicago

I enjoy the long lasting power it brings to my board and also the two USB ports for charging other accessories . I give it two thumbs up ! I’m very happy with my purchase .